**This page is under development.**

Nightmare_Corp or Nightmare Corp is focused on exploring new frontiers of (computer) science. The website comes after creating something new.

Why Nightmare_Corp and not Nightmare Corp. Why the underscore? So that this website automatically come at the top of the google search results for “Nightmare_Corp”. why not nightmare_corp (snake_case) because company names should be written with capital letters at the start.

Hopefully “Nightmare Corp” will also result in some hits. And hopefully searching for nightmare corporation and nightmare corps and nightmare corporate won’t result in this website coming up.

At the moment Nightmare Corp is just an ambition. There are not enough skilled people working under this banner for it to be considered anything promising. But soon Nightmare Corp will be known across every sector as one of the most innovative organizations the world has ever seen.

Nightmare Corp strives to be ahead in computer science especially artificial intelligence, software development, game development.

Nightmare Corp strives to be a leader in any technological field that we can get our hands on. A kind of supportive environment for innovation. Profit is not the goal.

Nightmare Corp believes that innovation has been by humanity’s side, paving the way towards a better future. Now with complex problems relating to climate change, health, food, infastructure, energy, ethics, corruption, population collapse and loneliness. Nightmare Corp beliefs all problems can be tackled when clever people come together to find a solution.

Nightmare Corp also feels space exploration, high-performance computing and robotics are fascinating subjects of our era.

Nightmare Corp will be fair no matter race, ethnicity, nationality, class, religion, gender, sexual orientation, species and age.